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I’m a professional photographer based in Beijing, China. I specialize in street photography, photojournalism and portraits. Got pictures published in magazines such as  National Geographic and Inspired Eye . I am always available for assignments or interesting projects. One thing I really like is to share my knowledge of photography. I have been a teacher with Thephotoacademy.com for a number of years now and I am a photography teacher in a high school in Beijing.



Introduction to digital photography
Tuesday november 12
10:00 to 17:00 (with 1 hour lunch break)
This intensive workshop covers the basics of photography and of your camera. In the morning, we will talk about:
-Different fonctions and mode on your camera
-The Exposure triangle (ISO, aperture and shutter speed)
-Different file formats
In the afternoon we will be outside and walking in the street of Beijing, doing hand-ons exercises
Price: 700 RMB/person
Contact me by email: francois@aminumerique.com
or by wechat

Street Photography
Saturday November 16
13:00 to 17:00
Beijing is a great place for street photography. Anticipate your shots and be reading for the decisive moment. We will:
-beging with a discussion about street photography and how to approach it
-Bests settings for street photography
-Let’s hit the streets
-reviewing and discussion the photos
Price: 550 RMB/person
Contact me by email: francois@aminumerique.com
or by wechat


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