Welcome / Bienvenue

The Hutong Photo Club

Join me two times a month for the Hutong Photo Club
Next meeting : November 14
Connect with me thru wechat : aminumerique

What is the Hutong Photo club?
-Each meeting there will be a  question and answer period. Ask any question you want regarding photography. If the answer needs development, it can be a subject for a future topic
-We will analyse some of your pictures and make constructive comments
-We will organize photography activities
-Talk about different techniques-We can explore different kind of photography like film photography, hot to devellop film.etc.
-We will organize exhibitions
-We will go see exhibitions
-Make exchange with other photography clubs
-Have guest photographers to come and talk about their work


My students is China can have a 20% for products on

Je peux être votre guide photo à Beijing
– 1/2 journée photo : au cœur des Hutongs de Pékin
– Journée photo : le cœur impérial de Pékin
 Expérience photo : La Grande Muraille vue autrement
 Pékin et la Grande Muraille: immersion photo