Here are the differents workshops that i give in Beijing. You can take them in private or in group .
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Introduction to digital photography (6 hours)

This intensive workshop covers the basics of photography and of your camera. In the morning, we will talk about:
-Different fonctions and mode on your camera
-The Exposure triangle (ISO, aperture and shutter speed)
-Different file formats
In the afternoon we will be outside and walking in the street of Beijing, doing hand-ons exercises
Price: 700 RMB/person
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Introduction to digital photography (2 days workshop)

This workshop will teach you how to use your camera and understand its functions, which are the keys to capturing photographs that will last a lifetime. If you have a camera, love to take pictures, and would like to understand all the tools it has to offer, or if you are unclear about the various functions and programs, F-stops, shutter speeds, when to use which settings, and how to process your files, this intensive workshop is for you.

This two days workshop help you understand the tool you are working with. We will start with explications of what is photography and how your camera works. Learn about the exposure triangle, the most important concept in photography. We will go thru the differents terms and parts of the camera. We will not only clarify all the mysterious buttons and options on your camera, but when to use those different options. Right from the beginning, you will have your camera in hand and start manipulating it and understand how it works. We will then start to be creative and learn about shutter speed. How to use it and when.


Part 1

Morning session, we will cover the Basics of photography:

  • The exposure triangle
  • ISO
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture and depth of field
  • Looking at different fonctions and modes on your camera
  • File formats

In the afternoon, we will cover shutter speed. Movement or freezing the moment in photography. It’s one of the important elements in photography. We will:

  • Use the “S” and “Tv” shooting modes
  • Make files of moving subjects
  • Freeze the movement of a subject
  • Learn how to do long exposure pictures
  • And how important, playing with shutter speed is important in your composition


In part two of this workshop, we will start with a small recap and question period. Then, we will go thru the different focal lengths, when to use them. After, we will go thru one of the most fascinating creation tool in photography, aperture and depth of field. In the afternoon, we will talk about light in photography, problems that you might encounter and how to solve them.


Part 2

Morning Session, we will cover aperture, depth of field and focal lenth.

One of the major aspects in photography is depth of field. But you have to understand the relationship between the aperture, focal length and distance with your subject. We will go:

  • Different focal lengths
  • Use the “A” and “Av” shooting modes
  • When to use the different aperture to have a blurry background for a portrait or a sharp landscape picture

In the afternoon we will talk about how Photography is all about light. White balance, metering, hi-key and low-key photography, and how to solve problems like backlighting. Topics include:

  • How your camera is reading the light
  • White balance
  • Different metering modes in your camera
  • Backlight situations

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Street Photography (4 hours)

Beijing is a great place for street photography. Anticipate your shots and be reading for the decisive moment. We will:
-beging with a discussion about street photography and how to approach it
-Bests settings for street photography
-Let’s hit the streets
-reviewing and discussion the photos
Price: 550 RMB/person
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Low-light photography and night photography (3 hours)

Beijing is a fantastic city full of lights. This workshop will help you to find the best settings to do low-light photography and night photography. What are the best settings for night photography, how to photograph buildings, light trails, etc. Join me for an evening to explore all the potential of your camera.

-Best setting for night photography
-City lights and buildings
-Light trails with car
-Flash and light painting
-Using the available lights to make great portraits
Price: 450 RMB/person
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Introduction to Adobe Lightroom (3 hours)

Adobe Lightroom is the perfect tool for every photographer in order to keep organized and do treatment to your photos. This is a introduction with Adobe Lightroom and it will help to start working right away. You will learn the fundamental tools, the techniques and the workflow from importation to final export of your photos
Topics we will cover
-How to import your photos into Lightroom
-Navigate thru the application
-Organize your photos
-Basic editing tools (exposure, white balance, crop, noise reduction)
-Some tricks to improve your photos
-Exporting the photo and how to add a watermark
-Laptop using Mac or Windows with a working copy of Lightroom CC.
-Basic computer skills and be able to navigate their desktop and file system, copy and paste, select files, etc.
-Free disk space and 5 images in RAW format. You can bring you files on a usb key or card. I will help you for the transfer.
Time, date and place: To be determined
Price: 500 RMB (group price), private 750 RMB
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Private workshop

I am available for private workshop. After discussion, i will adjust to your level of knowledge . Get the exact help you need on the topics you want to learn about. It is fully customized to what you want to cover.
Time, date and price: to be determined
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