A workshop with my students in Beijing

Last Saturday, i was giving a street photography workshop in Beijing. I really love giving that workshop because i believe street photography is more about you, as a photographer, see and develop your style and not much about techniques, big cameras and lenses. I find street photography very therapeutic and it had helped me personally when i was going though difficult times.
Of course it is important, in street photography, to know your camera very well. You have to be able to change settings very fast so you don’t lose that precious moment happening in front of you. Working with your favorite focal length that you are more comfortable. Keep it simple and fun. I think that whatever camera or lens that you use is a personal choice. I work with an Olympus EM-1 MII and my favorite lens is 28mm. I love that camera for street photography because it is small and very fast. And i am so use to the 28mm focal length that the framing is already done in my head before shooting. But to each his own preference when shooting.

I had a wonderful group that day. Daniel and Ita from South Africa, Leandro from Brazil and my girlfriend Na that joined in with us. After a short presentation about some street photographers and some shooting techniques, we talked about cameras and settings.

We spend the afternoon shooting in Dashilar. It’s a good mix of hutongs photography and active life in the busiest streets. And there is always a surprise at each corner. Here is some images of my students and a few of mine.

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